Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business

Our Team

Our experienced staff coordinates every aspect of your project, from design to deployment.

Our Mission:
Build long lasting trusted relationships with both Government End Users and Manufacturers that work with MCPGOV. This is accomplished by being the best-trained, best-turnaround, thoughtful and smart to our end users.

  • Dedicated sales, service and support
  • Strong alliances for best performance

  • Confidentiality
  • Streamlined and efficient sourcing
  • Detailed order support


Rikki Ghai


Our main goal here at MCP is to provide to you an excellent customer service team that is built on relationships and focused on your needs. I am confident that you will be very pleased with your experience with us. For any questions or inquiries, please contact us.



VP Sales & Marketing

Michael Buchko, Jr.


MCPGOV supports federal IT managers with IT logistics management (virtual and tangible), asset management, and innovative technologies for enabling enterprise and workforce transformation through best practices. Our team focuses at helping IT Managers successfully complete their missions and objectives, incorporating over 20 years of successful projects, to craft unique solutions for these federal agency managers.



VP of  Operations

Peter Brownell


Our primary goal is simple, make satisfied customers and end users. From quote to shipment, we are the “back office “that supports your order process by providing you with timely deployment, delivery and detailed order support for sales.


Raj Ghai


MCPGOV is a technology integration and strategic sourcing firm focusing on IT needs of the United States Government. Our mission is to become the Small Business Leader in Government IT. By acquiring an understanding of our customer’s needs, we are able to leverage our technology to promote change. This roadmap will insure that your needs are met.


Sales/Service & Support


Our dedicated sales service and support teams have strong alliances to efficiently streamline sourcing ensuring the best performance. For all your IT needs, please contact us.

Our Vision

To be a good corporate citizen wherever MCPGOV resides. To serve our customers Better & Faster than the rest of the IT industry as well as the Best Partner with companies that MCPGOV partners with. Be the “GO-TO” Partner to both customers and OEM’s.

Our Philosophy

To provide up to date and relevant technology in hand to the government end users and outstanding experience through warm and attentive service.

Recent News

End of Fiscal Year...Need Dell desktops, laptops, and tablets? 

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